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Comprehensive Estate Administration Services

After a death in the family, individuals are dealing with grief, uncertainty and often confusion about the inheritance process. Louis Lepore, attorney at law, can help administer the estate, identify assets, handle a will contest, manage guardianship proceedings and serve as executor if requested. There are many administrative and legal tasks executors are required to do, and most people cannot get through this process without skilled legal assistance.

When you hire Louis Lepore, Esq. , you are hiring an attorney who will encourage open lines of communication and an attorney-client relationship in which you will feel protected and secure. To learn more about how a probate and estate administration lawyer can settle the estate of your loved one, contact estate administration lawyer Louis Lepore, attorney at law.

Comprehensive Probate and Estate Administration Services

Some of the details that New York estate administration lawyer Louis Lepore can manage for families during the probate and estate administration process include:

  • valuing assets
  • selling stocks and bonds
  • selling real estate
  • contested estates
  • working with or acting as estate executors
  • paying creditors
  • approving and paying administration fees
  • maintaining beneficiary rights
  • distributing assets according to the will or trust
  • paying state or federal estate taxes
  • filing decedent’s final tax return if appropriate
  • determining asset valuation date
  • arranging for real estate appraisals
  • identifying beneficiaries

Louis Lepore, attorney at law, thoroughly knows the probate procedures, the applicable federal, state, and New York City tax law and is dedicated to handling every aspect of probate and estate administration efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, he understands the difficult time a family faces after the death of a loved one and works hard to ensure the probate process progresses smoothly. Louis Lepore, Esq. is dedicated to resolving problems such as will contests and trust administration disputes. Families know that their attorney works for them, listens to their needs and concerns and ensures they are his first priority during an estate administration and probate process.

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